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Roles and Responsibilities of Pre Purchase Building Inspectors

A pre-purchase building inspection is an illustration, non-invasive examination of a property. A building inspection is also known as a home inspection or a building survey.

The inspection makes an attempt to recognize important defects, late maintenance, future maintenance problems, gradual corrosion, substandard building work, and/or other areas of concern.

What does the building inspector look at?

The building inspector ensures to conduct a top to bottom assessment of the building. They will prepare an assessment on the condition of the building structure, exterior roof, walls and wall linings, heating system, foundations, windows and doors, insulation, and ceilings.

Their examination is basically a visual inspection, where only things, which are able to be accessed and viewed via safe and sensible means, will be monitored. An inspector can move furniture to look at an area of wall or floor or has the right to access a manhole, but then, they will not remove wall linings so as to look for insulation.

What qualifications do building inspectors require?

In Australia, there are no formal or legal limitations to become a pre-purchase building inspector. But then, a building inspector should be a proficient building professional who is experienced in evaluating residential buildings and follows best strategies for the industry. It is also significant that the inspector has updated public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, which covers damages and legal expenses.

You want to be assured they are able of recognizing and communicating important problems with the property and that they, and you, are monetarily covered should something go incorrect.

If you want to employ an inspector then make sure to ask yourself:

Are they competent to give you an opinion on the building?

Are they independent from your real estate agent and the person selling the building?

Usually people use a friend or relative that is a builder to do the inspection on their part. This tends to be an informal arrangement and probably the cheapest.

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